Frosty Balls Poker Run

The first annual ďFrosty Balls Poker RunĒ was a† chance to get the bikes out and a lot of fun . Let me tell you about it.


The first bikes left out about 9:30 but the Chick and I met up with Pam and David (Lady Victory & Big Bird) around 9:00 at Cracker Barrel. The plan was to get a little breakfast and leave about 10:00 since the weathermanís original forecast turned out to be a little optimistic. What was supposed to be a high of 50 quickly turned into mid 40ís and it never really got there.


About 15 minutes before we left the house, the phone rings; itís Pam.

I could hear David in the background coughing his head off. The cold he thought he was about over, had reared itís ugly head during the night, and he sounded bad. Of course, their plans took on a slight mod. We would still meet for breakfast but make a decision on the next move after we ate.


Russell joined us at Cracker Barrel and after a nice breakfast, David decided† he could make it without dropping dead if he road in the cage behind us. So off we go, Russell, the chick and I, to RCPS to get

signed up while Pam and David make a run by the house.


Once there we get the sign-up out of the way and while weíre waiting on Pam and David and mustering up the will to get this thing started, we try our hand at the football toss and the tricycle race. I think Russell was the only one that got the football through the tire. The rest of us were worst than Brett Favre during the NFC championship game. However, I did beat the last posted time on the trike and took home a coupon for a free detailing. Thanks guys. It will come in handy, but I think Iíll wait till it warms up to take advantage of that one. Iím just lucky no one thought to get a

By - Wendell Rogers - Aka: Rocketcitymadman

Those heated seats would have been nice.

At least he got to wear his new helmet!

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picture. Never could get Chick to try her luck. I think she was afraid, I would, capture it on film.


With the first card drawn, our next stop was Rocket Harley. This leg was the shortest (about 6 or 7 miles) but it was a taste of what lay in store. When we left RCPS I believe it was a whopping 31 degrees.


The stop at Rocket Harley was uneventful to say the least, no games or prizes, just a cup of coffee, some popcorn, get your card and go. We did pick up Chuck (Hammerlover) for the ride to Sarges Cycles in Columbia. Not sure what everybody else had but I left there with an Ace

and an Eight. Chuck kept telling the ladies that it was a strip poker run. Of course Chick told him that she had enough clothes on that it wouldnít matter if it was, she would be ok even if we did the run several times. The night before we rid the shelves at Walmart of all the arthritis patches they had. She had those things strapped on everywhere.


We ended up taking Mooresville Road to Ardmore stopping for Chuck to gas up and a† warm up before heading onto Columbia. Passing through Pulaski Iím thinking we have about 10 miles to go before we get to Sarges. I was not all that cold, just the tips of my fingers at this point. Then I see the sign; ďColumbia 29 milesĒ. Ya know, the mind is a powerful thing. Instantly, I was cold. Iím not talking just the tips of my fingers; Iím talking bone chilling cold! Up to this point Iím doing no more that 60 mph. The last 20 miles I picked up the pace trying to shorten that 29 miles as much as possible. I could tell Chick was feeling it to. She kept stuffing her hands down between us trying to keep her hands warm. Every now and then I would glance in the mirror

I smell Chili!

I thought yaíll said it was going to be cold.

A chili contest at Sarges! Man that hit the spot!

and see that truck behind us thinking, I bet that heater feels good or I would see Russell on that Vision and think, hmm, heated seat, heated grips. It didnít help when David told me (grinning like a mule eating saw briers) that it was a ruff ride in the truck from RCPS to Rocket Harley. If I could have gotten to it I would have beat him over the head with that stuffed Big Bird he had on the dashboard!


The road between Pulaski and Columbia was a nice ride but I would love to do it again on a much warmer day to get the full enjoyment of it. Eventually the 29

miles slowly melted away (what a choice of words) and we pulled into Sarges about 1:00. When we get inside, to our surprise and delight, theyíre having a chili contest. There were, I believe, a total of 5 different recipes to choose from. Part of the door price drawing was indicating your favorite on the ticket that you put in the jar. My choice was ďEĒ. It had a little bite to it.† Man that really was just what the doctor ordered! While we were sitting there I noticed Chick was having trouble keeping the chili on her spoon, she was shivering so much. Needless to say we took a little longer at this stop and made sure we knocked the chill off from the previous leg before we headed out.

On our way to KCís

I canít believe we finished!

I didnít check the time but I believe it was around 1:45 when we left Sarges. Chuck split from the group at this point and headed into town to get him a cup of Duncan Donuts coffee. He says itís the only one around close to us and heís not passing up the chance.


We took TN-50 out of Columbia and hit US-431 at Lewisburg, riding it to Fayetteville where we stopped for gas. By the time we left Fayetteville its going on 2:45. Last bike in is at 4:00, and we have another stop before heading back to

Rambler wins with a full house!

RCPS. With that in mind we decided to pick up the pace a little.† On the last leg we probably averaged about 70 mph. We got to KCís and there sits Chuck and Juan. Juan got a late start leaving after we did but they were able to get ahead of us taking the interstate.


It was close but we all made it back to RCPS within time. I ended up with a pair of eights; Chick, Pam, David and Russell wasnít much better if any and I believe Chuck ended up with a pair of Queens.† I knew from talking with a guy at Sarges who had a pair of Aces that we were out of it. I didnít get to talk with Juan at KCís but as it turned out he had 2 pair when we left there and drew into a full house back at RCPS.† We all shot the breeze† while waiting on time to expire and the conference call to decide the winner.


It wasnít long before Scott comes out of the office with a check in hand and announces Juan as the winner. It was good to see one of our own take the prize. Karen and I were talking with him a few minutes later and he told us that he and his wife had not

been on a vacation in several years. Sounds like a possible road trip in the making to me. Enjoy!


I donít know about the rest of you but the Chick and I had a blast. Yeah, it was a little cold but as I sit here putting the words down, in the warmth of my desk chair, all of that is forgotten. What remains is the† laughter between friends, the smell of good chili, the enthusiasm in Chickís eyes when she climbed on in the driveway that morning, and the smile on Juanís face. At some point during the day when it was so cold, jokingly, I told Chick, ďtell me again why weíre doing thisĒ. Well, I believe I just put that one to bed. Hereís looking forward to next years Frosty Balls run. Until next time, ride safe!